World Environment Day Short Story Eco-Writing Contest Finalists

U.S. Embassy Abuja is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 World Environment Day Short Story Eco-Writing Contest.

On April 27, U.S. Embassy Abuja announced a writing contest on the 2017 World Environment Day theme: Connecting People to Nature.  We wish to thank all contest participants who told compelling stories of our human connection to the natural environment.

In an award ceremony that took place on September 8 at the Abuja Literary Society’s “Open Mic,” the following finalists were recognized:

1st Place Winner: In Our Woods by Oluwatimilehin Odueso

Timi Odueso is a 20-year-old future law student based in Abuja.  Timi enjoys reading and thinks that the world would be a better place if people read more books.  His story, “The Stump,” has been published in the October edition of the online magazine “On the Premises.”

2nd Place Winner: Sabon Gari- Maker of Trees by Nonso Anyanwu

Nonso Anyanwu is an editor and a prose stylist.  His work has appeared in various publications including New Contrast, Afreada, Sunday Sun Review, Africa Book Club, and Brittle Paper.  He edited Gossamer: Valentine Stories, which has an introduction by Toni Kan and Love Stories from Africa, which has an introduction by Helon Habila.  He lives in Abuja, where he is finishing his first novel.

3rd Place Winner: Beneath our Feet by Erhu Amreyan

Erhu Amreyan’s short stories have appeared in several literary magazines and anthologies.  She has a bias towards writing and reading speculative fiction with what she calls “a hint of romance.”  Erhu enjoys old classic rock songs.

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