Affidavit of Support

The petitioner in the United States must submit a complete, original, signed Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) for each principal beneficiary and a copy for each member of the beneficiary’s family who will be traveling to the U.S. as a derivative in the petition filed for the beneficiary. Each original I-864 must be accompanied by tax records for the most recent tax year.  The sponsor can obtain a tax transcript at For more information about the I-864, please click here. The petitioner must earn enough income to bring the beneficiar(ies) according to the poverty guidelines available here (PDF 232KB).

If the petitioner earns less than the required minimum for their household size, they must find a joint sponsor who agrees to help support the beneficiar(ies) if necessary. The joint sponsor must also complete and sign an original Affidavit of Support and provide their most recent tax return. The joint sponsor should also submit proof of his/her legal status such as a copy of his/her U.S. Birth Certificate, U.S. Passport, Naturalization Certificate, or Lawful Permanent Resident Card.

If the petitioner in your case already submitted the Affidavit of Support to National Visa Center, the beneficiar(ies) should still bring them to the Consulate for the visa interview. If the petitioner has not yet submitted these documents to NVC, the beneficiar(ies) must bring these documents to submit during their interview. In some cases, if your financial documents do not meet the guideline qualifications, you may be requested to submit other financial documents after your interview.