USAID, UNFPA Facilitate Donation of Birth Kits to Displaced Populations in Borno State (July 13, 2015)

Lagos, Nigeria – Today, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) received 400 birth kits from Deluxe Childbirth Services (DSC)—a medical services firm—as part of the firm’s corporate social responsibility program.   The kits will support pregnant women in internally displaced persons settlements in Boko Haram-affected communities in Borno State.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) facilitated the transfer of the birth kits by making initial contact with DCS and identifying UNFPA as the partner organization that will take receipt of the kits.  Two USAID projects also played a role in the handover.  The Expanded Social Marketing Project in Nigeria transported the birth kits free of charge to the UNFPA warehouse in Kaduna, and the Targeted States High Impact Project provided 400 doses of Chlorhexidine—an antibiotic gel that prevents cord infection in newborns—that will accompany the birth kits.

USAID Deputy Director Julie Koenen said, “The U.S. Government will continue to support further collaboration between the private sector and the development community in Nigeria.”

All products will be distributed in three settlements for internally displaced persons in Maiduguri.  UNFPA will train skilled birth attendants on their use.

The UNFPA Country Representative Ratidzai Ndhlovu said, “By 2015, 60,000 births are expected in IDP camps.  UNFPA anticipates that the donation of these 400 birth kits will be an additional tool for improving the health of newborn babies in the camps.”

Each birth kit contains an absorbent delivery mat, three infant diapers, one bar of anti-bacterial soap, one scalpel, one bottle of methylated spirit, 10 sanitary pads, five pieces of gauze, a pack of cotton wool, two sterilized gloves, infant cord clamps and one mucus extractor.

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