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USAID Establishes Two New $45 Million ‘Local Organizations Networks’ to Fight TB in Nigeria
March 25, 2020

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USAID Establishes Two New $45 Million ‘Local Organizations Networks

Abuja – On World TB Day 2020, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced the establishment of “local organizations networks” that will seek to drastically increase the level of tuberculosis (TB) cases detected and treated in Nigeria over the next five years.

The networks funded at $45 million are divided into three regions covering 18 states where data show the burden of TB to be highest.

“With these new awards, USAID is making a major commitment to reducing and ultimately eradicating TB in Nigeria,” USAID Mission Director Stephen M. Haykin said of the new network.  “The key will be reducing the number of undetected cases, while getting those who test positive into free treatment.  TB is completely curable.”

The first $30 million award will establish a Tuberculosis Local Organizations Network (TB-LON) Regions 1 and 2 (14 states) to be implemented by KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation Nigeria.  The second, $15 million award, went to the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) covers four states in Region 3.

Under both of the awards, KNCV and IHVN will work to rapidly improve TB case detection and treatment in communities using a differentiated model approach while strengthening resilient and sustainable systems for TB control until 2025.

Regions 1 includes Bauchi, Kaduna, Katsina, Kano, Nasarawa, Plateau, and Taraba states.  Region 2 comprises Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Benue, Cross River, Delta, Imo, and Rivers.  Region 3 covers Lagos, Ogun, Oyo and Osun states.

The World TB Day 2020 theme “It’s Time” highlights the need to urgently accelerate the TB response to save lives and end suffering.  Along with our newly awarded local partners, USAID remains strong in our commitment to work towards a TB free Nigeria.

In 2018 alone, according to the World Health Organization, 429,000 persons fell ill with TB in Nigeria, including 53,000 persons living with HIV, 21,000 cases of drug-resistant TB, and 157,000 total deaths. With these annual statistics, Nigeria has the sixth highest burden of TB globally and the highest burden in Africa.

USAID has collaborated with the National TB Control Program since 2003, having invested more than $207 million toward TB control. This support has resulted in the establishment of more than 3,000 new TB clinics, strengthening of diagnostic capability, training for health workers, and the expansion of control services into the private sector.

USAID strengthens countries’ capacities to prevent and control TB infections and improve diagnostic and laboratory networks — building crucial foundations for responding to COVID-19 and other pandemics.