U.S. Embassy Awards $221,902 USD in Grants to Nigerian Community-Based Organizations

The U.S. Mission to Nigeria has awarded $221,902 USD in grants in response to applications to the Ambassador’s Small Grants Program. A total of 27 projects, covering 14 Nigerian states, will be funded. These initiatives will help improve access to education and health services for vulnerable children and communities at risk. Some of the projects include the rehabilitation and provision of equipment to primary schools, the construction and rehabilitation of local health clinics, and the construction of boreholes and recycling facilities to benefit communities across Nigeria. This funding will also benefit orphans and vulnerable children, as well as key populations and communities living with or affected by HIV/AIDS through addressing economic, nutritional, and hygienic needs.

The awards are designed to assist communities through small-scale development projects directed at improving basic living conditions at the grassroots level. The U.S. Government contribution to these projects aims to support high-impact, quick-implementation activities. The primary objective is to “Help people help themselves,” encouraging every project to include a strong element of community involvement, in order to achieve success and sustainability.

Information about funding opportunities specific to U.S. Embassy Abuja is posted on the U.S. Embassy’s website and social media platforms.