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U.S. Embassy and Partners Donate Food in Celebration of Ramadan
May 23, 2020

Grocery donations to family
Grocery donations to family

In recognition of the month of Ramadan, U.S. Embassy Abuja partnered with the KDC Foundation and the Al Habibiyyah Islamic Society to donate a week’s worth of groceries to 180 families in Kano and Abuja.

Both organizations identified vulnerable families in Abuja and Kano and distributed staple food items such as rice, beans, and millet on May 21 and 22, 2020. The donations aim to address the gaps in food accessibility for underserved communities during Ramadan.

Grocery Bags
Grocery Bags

A recipient in Guzape, Abuja stated, “When I received the items, I felt like crying because my family is going through a lot of hardship. It will really go a long way. Now we have something to celebrate Eid with.”

Khalifa Usman Mustapha, Director of the KDC Foundation, was pleased with the Embassy collaboration, noting, “The joy and excitement with which the beneficiaries received the food items was overwhelming and contagious. They were also amazed that the U.S. Embassy reached out to them with food items when they need it the most, that is during Ramadan amid the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Assisting Nigerians during this crisis is a priority for the U.S. Mission in Nigeria, particularly during Ramadan, a time of introspection, service, and compassion. U.S. Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard emphasizes, “Viruses don’t respect borders. There’s need to maintain a global response. The U.S. is proud to partner with Nigeria as the world responds to COVID-19. No country does this alone. We are all in this together.”