U.S. Embassy Abuja Deputy Chief of Mission David J. Young Remarks for International Anti-Corruption Day Roundtable

Welcome Honorable Justices of the Appeals Court, Honorable House and Senate Anti-Corruption Committee Chairs all other protocols observed.

Good morning and welcome to the U.S. Embassy.  We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to host this distinguished group to discuss one of the most important policy issues of our time – fighting corruption.   Tomorrow, we will commemorate the U.N. General Assembly’s adoption of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. We celebrate the U.S. and Nigeria’s strong partnership in the efforts to eliminate corruption and improve government accountability and transparency and hope that today’s event positively contributes to our ongoing efforts.

I see representatives from the legislature, judiciary, strategic government departments, anti-corruption agencies and civil society on the panel and in the audience and am encouraged by your willingness to participate today.

I hope the roundtable will result in a frank and honest dialogue to evaluate the progress in the fight against corruption and the impacts of corruption on Nigeria’s achievements of the sustainable development goals. I also hope the roundtable will result in specific ideas for concrete steps forward. I congratulate Nigeria on joining the Open Government Partnership and submitting your first National Action Plan. Now the hard work of implementation begins, and the United States is looking forward to continuing our partnership with Nigeria in that regard.

Thank you all for your commitment and participation and now I hand the program over to our guest speaker, Professor Asobie.