Tens of Thousands of Nigerian Households to Benefit from Latest U.S. Project (September 25, 2014)


On September 25, Maria Brewer, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Abuja, launched the Support to Vulnerable Household Accelerated Revenue Earnings (SHARE) program during a ceremony in Sokoto State.   SHARE seeks to improve local economic development and increase the incomes of 42,000 households in Sokoto, Kebbi, and the Federal Capital Territory.

SHARE aims to increase agricultural productivity, elevate income and wealth, reduce poverty and improve nutrition habits in several communities for the benefit of women and children.  It will alsDCMvisitSokotoo provide community members the skills to engage effectively in the local economy and break free from the cycle of poverty and malnutrition.

At the ceremony, Mrs. Brewer said, “The benefits of successful farms reach far beyond the home.  Successful farmers are the backbone of their communities, their country, this continent and the world.”  She noted that with sixty percent of the arable land on the planet, Africa has a tremendous opportunity to feed billions worldwide.

Through President Obama’s Feed the Future Initiative, the United States is helping the Nigerian people enhance their farming methods, providing protection against soil erosion, and connecting small farmers to the marketplace.  The five-year, $20 million SHARE project will be implemented by Catholic Relief Services Nigeria, Mercy Corps, Catholic Caritas Foundation of Nigeria, and the Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations of Nigeria.