Smithsonian Channel’s “Apollo’s Moon Shot AR” App

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing with an immersive AR app that places you right in the action of NASA’s daring space missions of the 1960s. The perfect companion to Smithsonian Channel’s landmark six-part series, the “Apollo’s Moon Shot AR” app gives you an out-of-this-world close-up of some of the landmark events that defined the start of the Space Age. Download for free now and blast off into space with us!

This app is free to download and includes features such as:

  • An Interactive Timeline with videos and quizzes that trace the Cold War Space Race between the U.S. and Soviet Union that culminated in Apollo 11.
  • A Moon Shot Challenge that places 3D renderings of the Earth and Moon in your space and gives you control of the rocket to see if you can safely reach the Moon’s orbit – or risk crashing onto its surface or spinning off into space forever.
  • Authentic 3D replicas of Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit and the Lunar Command Module, created from precision scans by the National Air & Space Museum.
  • A Saturn V Rocket module that lets you shoot for the stars – on the street, in your backyard or anywhere you want to make some noise.
  • A Landing Do or Die Challenge that puts you at the controls in an attempt to land on the Moon’s dangerously pockmarked surface, with limited fuel and time.
  • A Portal to the Moon that lets you step onto the Moon itself and explore 11 areas where the Apollo astronauts made history.
  • A Selfie in Space feature that puts you in an authentic Apollo spacesuit and lets you share a selfie from the Moon, orbiting the Earth or somewhere in the cosmos.

Available of Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.