Remarks by Consul General F. John Bray – Cybersecurity Awareness

Thank you for coming today.

As I believe many of you would agree cybersecurity is an important issue. October marks the 14th Annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM).  This national public awareness campaign is a collaborative effort between government and industry that encourages individuals to protect their computers and our nation’s critical cyber infrastructure.

All around the globe we have seen individuals, companies, and governments become the victims of cyberattacks.

For this reason, in 2009 President Obama called for an increase in education and dialogue about Cybersecurity in the Cyberspace Security Review.

As part of this policy review, the Department of Homeland Security created an ongoing Cybersecurity awareness campaign – Stop.Think.Connect.

Stop.Think.Connect. is a national public awareness campaign designed to raise awareness of cybersecurity and to be more vigilant about practicing safe online habits.

By joining the Stop.Think.Connect campaign you will have connections to partners and subject matter experts who are committed to increasing online safety; cybersecurity tips, messaging, articles, and presentations; monthly discussions highlighting current cyber issues and trends.

People are spending more time online – at home and at work — than ever before.

Our growing dependence on technology, coupled with the increasing threat of cyber-attacks and risks to our privacy, demands greater security in our online world.