Procter & Gamble Support UNICEF, USAID Relief Efforts in Borno State (November 27, 2015)

Abuja, Nigeria – Consumer goods manufacturing company Procter & Gamble (P&G) Nigeria is supporting Nigerians displaced by the conflict in the North East with a donation of hygiene products and personal care items.

UNICEF Nigeria is distributing the donation of sanitary pads, baby diapers, toothpaste, batteries, and detergent.  These items will help improve hygiene and basic comfort for the internally displaced in Borno State.

During a handover ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Abuja today, Procter & Gamble General Manager George Nassar presented samples of the products.  “Our mission is to touch and improve the personal health and well-being of Nigerians,” Nassar said.  “This donation will help to meet some of the basic requirements of those who most need our support.  We chose to work with UNICEF as it has a proven reputation in working with partners to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, and disease can cause,” he added.

“We thank Procter & Gamble for this generous donation,” said UNICEF Nigeria Representative Jean Gough at the handover ceremony.  “It will make a big difference in the lives of the displaced in Borno, who struggle daily for basic necessities.  We hope it will also help to inspire Nigerians to support those less fortunate in their country.”

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) facilitated the donation.  Aler Grubbs, USAID/Nigeria Deputy Mission Director said, “This effort by P&G and UNICEF is proof positive that corporate collaboration with development partners can promote vibrant and vital models for each side to extend assistance to underprivileged people.”

The P&G donation includes: Always sanitary pads, Pampers baby diapers, Oral B Pro-Health toothpaste, Duracell batteries, and Ariel detergents.