“Nigeria’s greatest asset is its human capital” – Ambassador Entwistle (July 14, 2014)

IMG_6823 Ambassador James F. Entwistle says the United States stands with the people of Nigeria as they fight to ensure security, eliminate polio, the scourge of drug addiction, and HIV/AIDS.  He made the comment at an event organized by the Kano State Government on July 8, 2014, to present employment letters to 998 fresh school teachers as part of effort to improve the standard and quality of education.

Ambassador Entwistle said that before he became the U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, he had heard that Nigeria’s most important resource was oil, but now that he has been in the country for some time, he believes that Nigeria’s most important resources is its young, smart, patriotic Nigerians, who want to makeIMG_6826 their state and Nigeria a better place.

He said he also believes that the best way to help the youth is to equip them with education and employment, and those were the two things that the Kano State Government had done.

The Ambassador said he was honored to be part of the ceremony recognizing education and employment for youth.  He ended his remarks with a Hausa expression of satisfactory gratitude, “Na Gode” (Thank You)!

The host of the event, Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, explained that 500 out of the 998 employees would work in science laboratories, computer centers and libraries in secondary schools.  He said 364 would teach in 44 Schools for Arabic Studies, while 134 would teach in 22 Technical Schools.