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United States Mission Nigeria – Report to the Nigerian People – 2023
Report to the Nigerian People - 2023

Report to the Nigerian People – 2023

January 18, 2024

The United States Diplomatic Mission in Nigeria presents its Annual Report to the Nigerian people, offering a comprehensive overview of the impactful U.S.-Nigeria partnership. This report vividly illustrates the enduring collaboration between the United States and the people of Nigeria, emphasizing the strides we have made towards a future that is healthier, more democratic, more prosperous, and more secure, fostering people-to-people ties that bind.

Our inaugural report, released in December 2023, employs a creative approach, utilizing infographics, data, pictorial representations, and succinct bullet lists to provide a quick and informative snapshot of the significant contributions made by the United States in Nigeria.

Highlighting our commitment to the 2023 Nigeria General elections, we proudly outline our support for the electoral process. Collaborating with the electoral body and Civil Society Organizations, we worked towards enhancing processes and fostering a more enlightened citizenry.

Through the collective efforts of the 10 U.S. government agencies comprising the United States Diplomatic Mission in Nigeria, we consistently invest over USD 1 billion (NRA 900 billion) annually in Nigerian communities. This substantial funding is channeled through implementing partners and civil society organizations, many of which are based in Nigeria and are Nigeria-led. Together, we deliver impactful programs that contribute to the betterment of Nigeria.