Message for U.S. Citizens – Renew U.S. Passports and Perform Notarials in Katsina City on November 5 and Kano City on November 6 – U.S. Em

Location:  November 5 Katsina City, Katsina State. November 6 in Kano City, Kano State.  Specific hotel locations and times will be provided by direct email to all those who make a reservation (below).  


As a special service, U.S. Embassy consular personnel will accept passport applications and perform notarials in both Katsina and Kano cities.

Many countries require at least six months of validity on your passports.

Check the entry requirements for your destinations here.

Please RSVP by email to before Friday, November 2 at 1 p.m.

  • Walk-ins without appointments may be turned away.
  • In your RSVP, please state the number of passport applications or notarials you will need, and all names involved.  Include an email and a phone number for us to reach you.
  • If your case is irregular in any way, please indicate why in the email.
  • Due to their complexity, we will be unable to accept applications for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad (CRBA) at this session.
  • We also cannot do any follow-up discussion of any existing passport or CRBA cases at this meeting, because we will not have system access.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes early to allow for parking time and service fees.

This is an off-site location, away from the Embassy machinery, so we cannot make photocopies or give change; please come fully prepared:

  • Notarization services.
    • Fee for notary services are $50 USD (18,000 Naira) for every application of the seal on the document(s) – if for regular private use.  Some notarizations may or may not qualify for a fee-waiver if solely for use with a U.S. federal or state governmental service. Please bring the fee anyway, just in case.
    • Original, valid photo government-issued IDs are required for whoever is signing and for any required witnesses that you bringing.
    • If a copy of an ID is required to be attached to your document, please also bring those photocopies with your original ID.
    • We cannot provide legal advice or supply legal forms.
    • Have all your documents printed, sorted, and collated in advance.
    • Do not pre-sign any documents.
  • Passports
      • Passport procedures for adults and minors are listed here on the Embassy website.
      • We cannot accept renewals at this session if your passport expired more than five years ago.
      • If your child’s face has changed a lot since the last passport was issued, then bring clear printed photographs to show this change over the years.
      • Exact change, in cash, USD or Naira. No checks/cards.
        • First time application as an adult (DS-11) $145 or 52,200 N
        • Adult Regular Renewal (DS-82) $110 USD or 39,600 N
        • Minor Regular Renewal (DS-11) $115 USD or 41,400 N
      • In addition to the originaldocuments listed on the site or in the instructions of the forms, please also bring a photocopy of the minor’s birth certificate, and copies of all passports being presented (e.g. parents and children) for each application.
        • Example: a family with 3 children requires 3 copies of each valid parent’s passport and 1 copy of each child’s passport and 1 copy of each birth certificate, in addition to bringing the original passports, ID cards, and birth certificates.
    • Incomplete applications or absent people (e.g. parents or children) may invalidate the submission and require a new or follow-up appointment at the ACS office in Abuja in the following weeks.
    • If the passport is approved, you will pick it up from the Embassy in Abuja after about three weeks.

For information on security in Nigeria: