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Message for U.S. Citizens: COVID-19 Vaccination Update
June 25, 2021

Nigeria is now offering both first and second doses of the two-dose AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to legal residents of Nigeria who are 18 years and older at all vaccination sites nationwide, effective immediately.  Photo IDs which prove Nigerian residency are required to issue cards and QR codes which will be needed for the second dose.

Vaccinations will continue until the existing supply is exhausted or until the vaccination campaign ends on July 5.  Vaccines are in batches set to expire soon.  Additional vaccines will be received in August or September, and additional notifications will be disseminated once they arrive.  Nigerian residents are encouraged to keep abreast of announcements to avail yourself of this opportunity.

  • Where to go:  All vaccination sites and vaccine supersites (shown in red on the list) are listed here, by state and LGA (review this site frequently for up to date information):   https://nphcda.gov.ng/list-of-covid-19-vaccination-sites/.  There are vaccine sites in all Area Councils of FCT, and in all LGAs of every state.
  • First dose:  It is highly encouraged (but not mandatory) to preregister for your first dose, and to bring some form of ID (work ID, voter card, etc.). This speeds up the process and helps with following up for the second dose.  To register: https://publicreg.vaccination.gov.ng/
  • Second dose:  The second dose can now be given as early as 6 weeks following the first dose, regardless of the appointment date on the vaccine card.  Everyone still in need of the second dose is encouraged to visit a site as soon as possible to be eligible prior to the current vaccine stock expiration (note that additional vaccines will be received in August/September for second doses if you miss this window) to receive it, and to bring their green vaccine card.  People are encouraged to go to the same site where they received their first dose; if not possible, they should go to a vaccine supersite (shown in red on the vaccination site list). Be sure to check the list in advance, as some sites which offered vaccines earlier are not currently operating.
  • When to go and what to expect:  All are encouraged to seek vaccination without delay, as this round of vaccinations will stop when stocks run out.  Unfortunately, there may be a long wait at some sites, but please be patient.  It is recommended to go earlier in the day (most posts start about 9:00 a.m.).  At the end of the day, the vaccinators will not be able to open a new vial for just a few people.  Those who arrive near the end of the day may be asked to return the next morning, to avoid wasting precious vaccines.
  • Next vaccination opportunity:  Those who miss this opportunity to receive either their first or second doses will be able to receive the vaccine once the next shipment of vaccines arrives (tentatively expected in August). Those who receive their first dose now will get their second dose from that shipment.

Additional information about COVID-19 and the vaccine can be found on the CDC website at Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) | CDC  and on the NPHCDA website at www.nphcda.ng.gov.