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Health Alert – U.S. Mission in Nigeria
October 2, 2020

Location:  Nigeria

Event:  Updated COVID Testing and Quarantine Protocols for Travelers Arriving in Nigeria

As of September 18, the Government of Nigeria requires a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 5 days (120 hours) before departure.  Additionally, children 10 years old and younger no longer require the PCR test.

On September 5, the Federal Ministry of Information & Culture released new Quarantine Protocols for Travelers Arriving in Nigeria.  U.S. citizens should read this document carefully to ensure that they are abiding by all guidelines therein.  Individuals who fail to complete all guidelines may not be allowed to enter Nigeria.  U.S. citizens should review Nigeria’s International Travel Portal FAQs.

All returning travelers to Nigeria must have tested negative for COVID-19 through polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing in the country of departure.  The PCR test MUST now be administered no more than 120 hours before departure. 

NOTE:  PCR tests must be administered (not results received) within 120 hours prior to flight departure or the airline may deny boarding.

There are three COVID testing protocols for inbound passengers:

  • Step 1:  Complete the health declaration and contact form via Nigeria’s online International Travel Portal (nitp.ncdc.gov.ng). 
  • Step 2:  Upload negative PCR test results (administered within 120 hours of departure) to the online portal,  and present a hard copy at check-in.  For certain countries, the test must be from specified labs.
  • Step 3:  Register and pay via the online portal for a PCR retest in Nigeria to occur seven days after arrival.

NOTE: If you do not receive the QR code confirming payment of the PCR retest online, the International Travel Portal’s FAQs states, “As a temporary measure, any passenger that is unable to complete payment online will be allowed to board the flight if they have a valid COVID-19 negative PCR result. The passenger will be required to pay for the repeat COVID-19 PCR test on arrival in Nigeria. Please note that passengers without a QR code may face longer delays on arrival in Nigeria before exiting the airport.”

Passengers arriving in Nigeria must self-isolate for 8 days if the COVID retest on day 7 is negative.  If retest results are positive, passengers must self-isolate for 14 days.  Isolating in the city of port entry (Abuja or Lagos) is recommended but not required.

We urge U.S. citizens to review these new guidelines carefully to ensure full compliance.

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