EducationUSA Frequently Asked Questions

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International students applying for undergraduate admissions in the United States should start the process at least 12 months in advance of their expected start date.  While graduate students should plan 12-18 months in advance of their intended date of study.

Various institutions in the United States have different admissions requirements.  Typically, most international students are required to write the TOEFL test or IELTS test.  Some institutions may waive the TOEFL test for international students, who can demonstrate their English proficiency usually through another standardized test, writing samples, or demonstrable proof of English as a medium of instruction and communication.

Scholarships and financial aid funding are available for international students applying to study at U.S. institutions.  These funds are very limited and very competitive.

International students are advised to apply for financial assistance while applying for admission. For graduate students, about 44% of all funding comes from the institution, while another 48% comes from student’s personal funds or family budget and the remaining 8% comes from foundations, host country government support, or other sources.

Tuition and fees vary from institution to institution. The average cost of attending a   U.S. school is usually between $25,000 to $40,000 per annum.

International students are only allowed to work on campus while studying in the United States.  On campus work is not authorized for more than 20 hours a week.

Different institutions have different scores for various standardized tests. For TOEFL, a minimum of 80 out of the total of 120 is generally accepted but for graduate admissions with funding, 100 out of 120 is the minimum accepted score.

Other standardized tests include the ACT or SAT I & II for undergraduate applicants; the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for graduate students applying for programs in the sciences, engineering, and the humanities; and the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) for graduate students applying for business or management programs.

It depends on the institution and the program.  For students applying for scholarships or any type of graduate assistantship, a TOEFL score is required.

The GRE or the GMAT are the standard tests most often required.  There are also other graduate tests by program, but the GRE and GMAT are the most popular.  Cutoff marks vary by school.  Students are generally required to score high on the tests to make their applications more competitive.

Accreditation of programs and universities is very important.  Organizations and institutions do not recognize certificates from unaccredited institutions.  To verify the accreditation and type of accreditation for U.S. institutions, visit

Students can apply for student visa in Nigeria either at the U.S. Embassy in Abuja or U.S. Consulate General in Lagos.  For more information, visit the visa page

The Consular Section of U.S. Mission Nigeria is responsible for providing visa services to those seeking to enter the United States for a temporary period, including students.  For more information, Visa page.

Information on standardized tests can be obtained from the following sites:

TOEFL – The Test of English as a Foreign Language is required of students for whom English is not their first language.  For more information on registration, test centers and cost, visit

SAT – The SAT is a standardized test of math, critical reasoning, and writing required by many undergraduate U.S. programs.  More information is available at

ACT- The ACT is a standardized test used for undergraduate college admissions in the United States. It is a test of English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Writing (optional). More information is available on

GRE – The Graduate Record Examination is required of graduate students applying for graduate programs other than business or management.  It is also required for many Ph.D. programs. More information is available at

GMAT – The Graduate Management Admissions Test is required of graduate students applying for management and business programs.  For more information on cost, test centers, and registration, kindly visit