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Economic Section
March 24, 2022

The Economic Sections of the U.S. Embassy, Abuja and the Consulate General, Lagos are responsible for a broad range of economic policy issues.  In coordination with other U.S. Government agencies and under the guidance of the Chief of Mission (Ambassador or Charge d`Affaires), the Economic Sections covers:

  • the broad range of Nigeria’s economy;
  • crafts analytical reports on economic and social developments;
  • serves as liaison or point of contact among various economic stakeholders;
  • and briefs public and private sector entities on a wide range of economic topics.

The Sections provide information and policy advice to the Chief of Mission and to the U.S. Department of State.

The officers assigned to the Economic Sections in both the Embassy and the Consulate General interacts closely with:

  • the Nigerian Government,
  • the private sector,
  • and other economic players on a number of bilateral and multilateral trade, finance, investment, transportation, environmental, and social issues.

The Economic section works closely with other Mission offices – especially the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service, the U.S. Foreign Agricultural Section and the U.S. Department of Energy – to promote U.S. commercial interests in Nigeria.

Some of the many issues handled by the Economic section include:

  • Economic and Financial Reform
  • Promotion of the Rule of Law
  • Macro- and Micro-Economic Analysis
  • Bilateral Trade and Investment
  • U.S.-Nigeria Energy Relations
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Development of U.S.-Nigeria Business Ties
  • Multilateral Trade
  • Development Assistance
  • Civil Aviation and other Transport Issues
  • Structural Reforms, including Banking, Housing, Education, Healthcare and other Social Services
  • Labor, Workplace and Employment

Among the Sections’ key functions are:

  • the promotion of closer economic ties between the United States and Nigeria; encouragement of Nigeria’s economic development through fundamental economic policy reforms;
  • advocacy on behalf of U.S. companies seeking assistance in Nigeria;
  • broad support for an improved trade and investment climate in Nigeria;
  • and assistance for U.S. Government agencies in conducting routine cooperative programs in Nigeria.

Section officers also encourage:

  • Nigerians to exploit the terms offered by the recently launched African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA);
  • promote strengthening of Nigeria’s civil aviation program;
  • advocate development of Nigeria’s financial and capital markets;
  • support sustainable and efficient operation of Nigeria’s oil, gas, and power sectors;
  • and stress to key constituencies the importance for Nigeria of transparent and balanced rule of law and greater sanctity of contracts.

Abuja Contact: Economic Counselor

Lagos Contact: Head of Economic Section

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