The U.S. Mission in Nigeria understands the importance of economic statecraft and supports American businesses in a variety of ways. There are many opportunities in Nigeria, from the power sector to agriculture, as well as infrastructure.

Our United States Commercial Service (CS Nigeria), located at the American Consulate General in Lagos, is the main point of contact for U.S. companies interested in doing business in Nigeria. The professional staff is available to assist Americans find Nigerian partners who are interested in U.S. goods and services.

CS Nigeria supports American businesses coming to trade shows in Nigeria, sends Nigerian businesses to U.S. trade shows, and provides supplier catalogs to make it easy for Nigerians to find U.S. products, services, and partners.

Our experienced Economic Officers at the Mission also support U.S. businesses, providing analysis, information and additional on-the-ground support for U.S. companies in Nigeria.

In summary, we hope American companies will find lucrative opportunities in Nigeria and we stand ready to support them.

Trade and Business in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous country on the African continent and also the fastest growing export market in the region. Our experienced Commercial Specialists can help your company identify business opportunities, find local partners, promote your products and services, provide useful market reports and insights as well as give other export related guidance.

For more information on how we can help your company succeed in Nigeria, please visit our Services for U.S. Companies page.

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