EducationUSA Creating Opportunities for Underprivileged Nigerians

EducationUSA Opportunity Funds have made it possible for 30 underprivileged Nigerian students to attend American universities and colleges with full scholarships estimated at 7.2 million dollars in four years.  These students are scheduled to matriculate beginning in the fall 2019 semester.  Most of the students would not have been able to access higher education in Nigeria.

About 138 other EducationUSA members also received $8.3 million dollars in partial and full scholarships.

Speaking to the U.S. bound students during their pre-departure orientation on July 19, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission Aton Smith urged the students to be good ambassadors for Nigeria and to make the most of their opportunity to get a top notch education while gaining first-hand experience of American life and culture.

The selected students were accepted at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  They will be studying a variety of majors including Engineering, Public Health, Computer Science, Business, and Biological Sciences to mention just a few.

EducationUSA Opportunity Funds assists highly qualified but low-income students finance the upfront costs of obtaining admission with full financial aid to top schools in the United States.

U.S. Embassy EducationUSA Abuja continues to work with Northern Nigerian student populations and investing in young people to strengthen human capital development.